Principal's Welcome

Mary Mac, as Mary MacKillop Memorial School Penola is affectionately known, has a proud and unique history in Australia’s education system.  A history founded on the care of others and a commitment to education. That dedication to education and the care of others is a living legacy that continues in the school today.

A lot has changed in the world, some of it better, (electricity, heating and cooling). However, each generation faces new challenges, and the current generation of Australian children are experiencing unprecedented levels of mental health and social challenges.  As educators we know that learning cannot start until the child feels safe and secure in their environment, which is why we say that caring makes learning possible. 

At Mary Mac we care about all our students, we care about their academic achievements, we care about their interests, and we encourage them to care about themselves and each other.  We are blessed to see this care underpin transformations in academic results, social skills and sense of self that form the foundations of confident capable students ready for whatever the world may bring.  

We welcome all students across all year levels and backgrounds. We encourage you to visit our school in action and see how we can make a positive difference to your child’s learning experience. A caring community and special school memories are created at Mary Mac.

Warm regards, Nicole

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