We welcome the involvement of parents and carers in our community.

Parents are the first and most significant influence in the lives of their children.

We work in partnership with you to support your child through their early years of development.

We welcome the involvement of our families in the life of our school. It is your connection, support, energy and ideas that assist your school to develop and grow – whether that is through the decision-making and governance of the School Board or sharing in our community-wide events or sport.
In our school community, we truly value and appreciate your contribution of family and significant others, and we know your child appreciates it too.


Catholic Police Clearance/WWCC
Parents and carers who help at the MMMS will need to be registered as a volunteer and complete a Catholic Police Clearance/WWCC.
Once you have this clearance you are able to accompany children on an excursion, help in the classroom, in the SAKGP or in other ways have contact with the school children.

All staff and all parents/carers who help at the school are required to have successfully completed a Catholic Police Clearance/WWCC when working with children.

This includes all activities including accompanying children on excursions.

These forms can be obtained from the Front Office.

Volunteer requirements

Before being placed on the School's Volunteer Register we require all our volunteers to complete the following steps:

• 100 points proof of identify must be presented to the Front Office and one form of identification must contain a photograph in order to apply for a DCSI Working with Children Clearance check.

• All volunteers at MMMS must hold a current certificate for Responding to Abuse and Neglect or equivalent. This training is available online.

Please click on the following link: https://www.plink.sa.edu.au/pages/signup.jsf

Select “Volunteer”, then relevant location. We recommend using Google Chrome web browser to access and complete this training due to compatibility issues.

Before you begin, ensure the computer you are using is attached to a working printer, as a certificate will be generated at the end of the training and cannot be saved electronically. Alternatively you can email your certificate to jeckermann@mmms.catholic.edu.au

Once you have completed the training and printed your certificate, please bring the original to the Front Office to be signed and copied.