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Nicole Coote 


Having taught in the South East for over 25 years, with a focus more recently on leadership, I have the honour of leading Mary MacKillop Memorial School. I am a community minded person, who has a passion for teaching where the child is seen as competent and capable and an active protagonist in the learning process. I am inspired and motivated by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the life and good work that she undertook and endeavour to share this inspiration with our children, families and staff.

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Janice Coote 

Front Office/Finance Officer 

I have worked part time in the Front Office of Mary MacKillop Memorial School for 23 years, my role is in Administration, First Aid, uniforms sales and many other roles which pop up in a small school!

I love my job, seeing the children's happy smiles when they come into the office can turn your day around, plus I work with a great team.

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Lyn Davis 

Reception/Year 1 Educator/ Early Learning Occasional Care Coordinator 

I have taught in early childhood education for over 30 years, including kindergartens, but mainly here at Mary MacKillop Memorial School teaching the Reception and Year One class.  I feel very privileged to be able to work with our youngest students in their first years at school and greatly appreciate the sense of wonder and joy they bring to every task. I see my classroom as a community of learners, where we encourage, support and celebrate discoveries. I enjoy working in partnership with my colleagues and families to achieve the best learning outcomes for students.  It is an ongoing privilege to support and guide each student to reach their full potential.

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Alison Smith 

Reception/Year 1 Educator 

I have been teaching at Mary MacKillop Memorial School for the past thirteen years. I have taught all year levels with mixed combinations of cohorts from Reception to Year 7 since I started in 2006.

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Reception and Year 1 children and be a part of their learning journey. It is a privilege to support and guide each child to reach their full potential and blossom into confident and capable learners.

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Kimberly Varcoe 

Year 2/3 Educator 

I feel very grateful to be a part of the Mary MacKillop Memorial School community. It is such an enthusiastic, friendly and caring community of students, staff and families, where the focus is on developing the ‘whole’ child in partnership. I believe relationships are at the heart and soul of everything we undertake in education and children thrive when they are immersed in dynamic and engaging learning experiences. My classroom is a warm and welcoming environment where my students feel safe in taking risks and learning in collaboration with each other.

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Kaitlyn Lusty 

Year 4/5 Educator - The Arts Visual/Media 

I was fortunate enough to to have completed my final university practicum at Mary MacKillop Memorial School in 2018, and am so thankful to have begun my teaching career at a school built upon kindness, compassion and an enthusiasm for learning. In my current role as the Year 4/5 Classroom Teacher I work with a team of enthusiastic learners who make each day an exciting opportunity to create and discover new learning together. This year I have also taken on the role of Visual and Media Arts Teacher for Reception to Year 7, which has allowed me to explore art and creativity with all the students in our beautiful school, an experience which has drawn on my passion for the Arts and for Arts Education.

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Kathryn O'Connell 

Year 6/7 Educator, The Arts - Performing Arts  

I feel very fortunate to be a Year 6/7 classroom teacher in the caring, supportive community of Mary MacKillop Memorial School. Establishing close connections with families, I highly value the nurturing of positive relationships with students to foster their individual learning needs, interests and personal development. My role in the Performing Arts allows me to instil student passion for performance, offering opportunities for all students to learn music and experience dramatic role play, perform at both school and local community events and participate in whole school musicals.

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Jenny Herbert 

Year 6/7 Educator, Physical Education, The Technologies, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Coordinator 

The many different teaching roles that I have at Mary MacKillop Memorial School allow me to spend time with and get to know each child at the school.

The Stephanie Alexander Program has the students working in the garden and the kitchen. It is terrific to see the growth in confidence, positive group work and overall enjoyment shown by all the students who participate.

Teaching Health and Physical Education from Reception to Year 7 gives me the opportunity to promote the benefits of making healthy choices and being physically active with all the students. 

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Jen Eckermann 

Education Support Officer 

I have been at Mary MacKillop Memorial School for 13 years and I love it.   I am lucky to work with a group of dedicated, inspiring educators.  I feel very honoured to be a part of these young peoples lives, getting to know them and their families, assisting with their learning and watching them grow into awesome kids,


Ryan Agnew 

IT Support Officer 

Dale Domleo 

School Counsellor 

At Mary MacKillop Memorial School, we are passionate about your child's wellbeing.  Students sometimes need someone just to come alongside them and support them emotionally.  My role as the school counsellor allows me the privilege of being a helping hand or listening ear to any child.  I hope to create an atmosphere in counselling where students feel safe to chat about worries and free to be honest about anything that they might find confusing or unsettling.  I am passionate about enabling students to thrive in their own unique way as they progress through their junior years.


Romi Eckermann 

Education Support Officer/Playgroup 

As well as doing my primary schooling at Mary MacKillop Memorial School, I have volunteered on numerous occasions for the school.  My dream was to be a teacher, but have found my new passion in being an Education Support Officer. I am extremely honoured to be a part of a supportive team of educators.

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Rachel Manninen 

Education Support Officer 

This is my first year working as an ESO at Mary MacKillop Memorial School. As a former student, parent and active member of the school and parish community I have an excellent understanding of the values and ethos that have created a loving and supportive school that enables students to thrive academically and socially.