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Nicole Coote 


Having taught in the South East for over 25 years, with a focus more recently on leadership, I have the honour of leading Mary MacKillop Memorial School. I am a community minded person, who has a passion for teaching where the child is seen as competent and capable and an active protagonist in the learning process. I am inspired and motivated by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the life and good work that she undertook and endeavour to share this inspiration with our children, families and staff.

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Janice Coote 

Front Office - Finance Officer 

I have worked part time in the Front Office of Mary MacKillop Memorial School for 23 years, my role is in Administration, First Aid, uniforms sales and many other roles which pop up in a small school!

I love my job, seeing the children's happy smiles when they come into the office can turn your day around, plus I work with a great team.

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Kaitlyn Lusty 

Science, Performing Arts and Visual/Media Arts Specialist Techer - Year 4 Educator - Inclusive Educator Coordinator 

I was fortunate enough to have completed my final university practicum at Mary MacKillop Memorial School in 2018, and I am so thankful to have begun my teaching career at a school built upon kindness, compassion, and an enthusiasm for learning. In my current role as Year 6 Classroom Teacher, I work with a team of enthusiastic students who make each day an exciting opportunity to create and discover new learning together. I teach Visual/Media Arts and Science for Reception to Year 6, in which I work to promote critical and creative thinking, engaging students in exploration of the world around us through scientific inquiry and the artistic process. As the Inclusive Education/Wellbeing Coordinator I am committed to supporting and working side-by-side with staff to support every child to flourish and thrive, as capable learners and leaders for the world God desires. 

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Jen Eckermann 

Education Support Officer - Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Coordinator  

I have been at Mary MacKillop Memorial School for 13 years and I love it.   I am lucky to work with a group of dedicated, inspiring educators.  I feel very honoured to be a part of these young peoples lives, getting to know them and their families, assisting with their learning and watching them grow into awesome kids,

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Ryan Agnew 

IT Support Officer 

Dale Domleo 

School Counsellor 

At Mary MacKillop Memorial School, we are passionate about your child's wellbeing.  Students sometimes need someone just to come alongside them and support them emotionally.  My role as the school counsellor allows me the privilege of being a helping hand or listening ear to any child.  I hope to create an atmosphere in counselling where students feel safe to chat about worries and free to be honest about anything that they might find confusing or unsettling.  I am passionate about enabling students to thrive in their own unique way as they progress through their junior years.

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Rachel Manninen 

Education Support Officer 

This is my first year working as an ESO at Mary MacKillop Memorial School. As a former student, parent and active member of the school and parish community I have an excellent understanding of the values and ethos that have created a loving and supportive school that enables students to thrive academically and socially. 

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Danielle Heazelwood 

Reception/Year 1 Educator 
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Sam Baxter 

Leader of Learning - Religious Education Coordinator 
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Amy Boyd 

Year 5/6 Educator 
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Ainsley Gillings 

Admin Trainee 

This year I will be working as Mary MacKillop’s admin trainee. I am very excited to take on this role and to be part of this team. Working here will be my gap year as I graduated from St martins last year. In the future I am looking forward to going to University for Journalism or Teaching.


Sasha Reilly 

Health and PE 

I studied Bachelor of Education (Primary) and completed my degree in July of 2022. Post graduation, I took on various contracts including Mary MacKillop Memorial School and relief teaching days, all whilst running my own beauty business which I opened back in 2013. I am beyond grateful to be apart of such an inclusive and passionate group of educators, and look forward to getting to know the students, and the broader community. Throughout my degree, I specialised in Health and Physical Education as this has always been an interest of mine. I bring innovation, passion and a commitment to supporting students thrive academically and personally, all whilst becoming the best version of themselves.


Rebecca Ansell 

Year 4 Educator 

I am a graduate teacher, completing my university studies late last year and so I am super excited to begin my teaching career at Mary MacKillop Memorial school. Catholic education is nothing new to me as I attended Tenison Woods College throughout my senior schooling and now also teach at the college. I am originally from Penola, so I am excited to see some new and familiar faces around the school community. In my role as a Year 4 teacher, I will strive for excellence and promote the learning of all students in various and creative ways. I can't wait to continue learning and growing with the staff and student of Mary MacKillop.

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Jack Muhovics 

Educational Support Officer 

I am currently working as an ESO at Mary Mackillop Memorial School for the second year in a row. As a university student pursuing a degree in Primary Education, my experience in the field of education has been instrumental in developing my skills. I take great pride in being part of the Mary Mackillop community, and every day is a fulfilling experience for me. As an ESO, I get the opportunity to connect with students on a personal level, both inside and outside the classroom, and provide them with valuable support. I also enjoy collaborating with the teaching team, learning from them, and consistently improving myself as an aspiring educator. My goal is to bring fresh perspectives and a passion for learning that aligns with the school's nurturing ethos. I firmly believe in the transformative power of education and am committed to creating an environment where every student feels encouraged to explore and reach their full potential.

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Ebonie Moulton 

Educational Support Officer - Playgroup 

As a former student of Mary Mackillop Memorial School who has always had a passion for learning, creativity and sharing ideas, the community here at MMMS provides all this and more. My role as an ESO gives me the opportunity to fulfill my love of working with children by supporting them in a way that inspires personal and educational growth which is a beautiful journey to watch and be part of. With an amazing team of educators and beautiful students, I am grateful to be part of a school that leaves me with a smile and feeling of purpose at the end of every day.


Leah Kuiper 

Educational Support Officer - Occasional Care Officer 

This year will be my first year working at Mary Mackillop Memorial School. I will be working as the educator for Occasional Care on Mondays and an ESO two days a week. I am beyond excited to join the school community for 2024. This year I will be graduating from University with a Bachelor of Primary Education. I am truly grateful to be working this year with amazing staff and students, in an environment where I can continue to grow and learn as I finish my final year of university. Through both my roles at MMMS this year, I am fortunate to work with so many students from Early Learning to year 6.  I cannot wait to watch all the children grow into being the best versions of themselves. In my role as Occasional Care educator, I will be striving for all children to feel a sense of belonging. And build an environment where each child's current knowledge, strengths, ideas and interest are recognised and built upon. I absolutely adore working with children, always having a smile on my face and having a full heart. I cannot wait to see what 2024 has to offer.


Bec Baker 

School Counsellor 

Living in Millicent with two of my three daughters (the eldest away at university), I am a qualified counsellor and ESO. This year, I eagerly step into the counsellor role during Dale's maternity leave. I embrace this opportunity at Mary MacKillop wholeheartedly, aiming to positively impact our students' lives. Rooted in empathy and understanding, my approach focuses on ensuring every child feels heard and valued.  I hope to support and encourage students to embrace their uniqueness and foster a sense of belonging.  I am fortunate to be able to connect and build relationships with students, and love learning about, and supporting them through their primary school journey. Providing a supportive, inclusive environment is incredibly important, and I look forward to contributing to Mary MacKillop's school community.