Catholic Education South Australia

SCHOOL FEES 2021/2022

Our commitment to affordable fees enables us to deliver a high-quality education while still being accessible to our wider community

Our commitment to our school families is to offer a high-quality Catholic Education that is accessible and affordable.

Annual School Fees 2022

Full Fee $1660
Lower Income Fee $1000


What is Included:

The tuition fee above covers all tuition, levies and charges for each child’s education.

Extracurricular activities, excursions, camps, bus use, fundraising levy and uniforms are excluded and will be charged separately.

Lower Income Fee:

To be eligible for the lower income fee, you need to qualify as a low income family. This is determined by your family’s gross income and is a $ value set by the State Government.

In 2022, your family’s gross income needs to be below approximately $60,867 for a family with one school-age child. (The limit will vary depending on how many dependent children you have.)

Proof of income is required and applicants will need to apply via the State Government’s School Card scheme.

Our finance manager can help you if you have any questions about applying for the lower income fee.

Mary MacKillop Memorial School fees are set annually by the School Board.

We understand that there may be families who are in need of assistance in paying their school fees. Those requests are treated in the strictest confidence. 

For further information regarding school fees, please contact Janice Coote on 8737 2902.