As a parent trying to choose between schools, it can sometimes be very difficult to discern the key differences between them. Sometimes people resort to type, Government vs Catholic vs Independent without truly understanding that every school is unique. Even within a school, different children will have different experiences and create different memories. However, what is common to the children and families of Mary Mac is the care and compassion that is ingrained in everything we do.

The Mary Mac staff know that learning cannot start until the child feels safe and secure in their environment, which is why we say that caring makes learning possible. We are blessed to see this care underpin transformations in academic results, social skills and sense of self that form the foundations of confident capable students ready for whatever the world may bring.

This deep sense of care and compassion is also adopted by the students, evident in the numerous multi-year-level activities and friendship groups that have become a natural part of our recess and lunchtime activities.  This ensures that individual students are not restricted in their choice of friendship groups and are able to have a wide range of interests and play activities. This has also benefited students moving into secondary education where class structures and friendship groups are more fluid.

We are very proud of how our past students have been able to flourish in their education and life beyond primary school. The current generation of Australian children is experiencing unprecedented levels of mental health and social challenges. We believe that we are preparing our students to face these challenges and their individual futures with self-confidence and resilience.